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Our mission here at Mystick Women's Health, is to provide and promote a safe environment to our patients and staff. Procedure The steps that we are taking for patient and staff safety are the following:

  • Social Distancing: Patients are reminded when booked for appointments to call ahead prior to coming in to the building to check-in. We have signs on the door posted that alerts patients to stop and call if any symptoms such as cough, fevers or chills or prior to come into the building. We have signs at the front entrance of the building and around the office face masks are required in order to be in the building and this applies to staff members as well. In order, to keep to the waiting room to a limit of no more than 3 patients, this is why we are asking to call ahead to check-in and to see if it is ok to come in at the time.

    • We have set-up the waiting room to be spaced out and placed an X in between chairs, so patients are not seated next to each other. If not, kindly, we are asking patients to wait outside or in their car. During this time, the front desk secretary is completing check-in and confirming demographics and health insurance information.

    • Once it is ok to come in, the secretary will either send a text/or place a call to the patient to alert them that it is safe to come into the practice. Any copays that need to be collected, we have a black tray where the patient will put their card/cash/check. Secretary, will take through the window and process payment, if with the card, the secretary is wiping the card down when first touching the card and placing the card back into the tray. Gloves worn at all times.

  • Cleaning & Disinfecting As a practice, we are ensuring that staff members are proactively hand washing their hands after each contact with patients with soap and water or using hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are available in each work station throughout the office from the front desk to each patient exam room ready for staff and patient use.

  • Covid-19 Policy & Procedures Staff, have been trained to properly disinfect workstation, equipment's such as non-stress machine, doppler, tape measure, blood pressure cuff, counter tops, screens, exam tables, stir-ups, door knobs with the CAVI-WIPES (Disinfecting Towelettes) used in medical facilities. This procedure is to be done in between patients when come into contact, wiping down equipment, handwashing hands and changing gloves.

  • Staffing and Operations Staff have been trained on donning and removing PPE. Staff are aware where to find the PPE supplies in the office and know to let the office manager be aware when running low of supplies. Signages are posted in the point of care testing room and can also be found in the blue binder (PPE Policy & Procedure in Manager’s Office). Staff are aware if displaying any symptoms like COVID-19 symptoms, should not report to work and should contact their PCP immediately for testing/care. Should also notify the manager with a phone/text. If a staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19, should not report to work and stay home until ok to do so and will need a TOC, in order to come back and a provider letter stating you are clear to return to work. We will have a disinfectant company come to service as soon as possible.



Covid-19 Policy & Procedures [Mystick Women’s Health- Ob/Gyn]. Last Updated: This Covid-19 Policy and Procedure was last updated on [06/10/2020 Covid-19 Policy & Procedures

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